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Custom IOT Solutions

Shunyeka IoT applications are designed to optimize every aspect of a company's process-from edge processing to user experience. Our IoT applications provide real time inference and actionable solutions on edge. Shunyeka cloud services further allow for in-depth analysis and storage with a high performance cloud native architecture. We customize tools for utilizing cloud computing to launch newer dimensions for increased market value and resolve customer demands with increased accuracy & speed.

Custom IOT Solutions

Software and Analytics

At Shunyeka, we develop cloud native, serverless event-driven application applications. These manage data ingestion, network & security management. Create & manage secure IoT management hubs. Use predictive analytics and develop quick, actionable insights with increased efficiency. Acquire process input solutions that scale up existing architecture and use ML to detect anomalies.

Case Studies

Few words from our customers

The cost was sky rocketing in the cloud infra.The security was a major concern and was not able to achieve regulatory compliance.System was not scalable.Frequent system downtime because of scalability and malicious attacks.Piles of infrastructure maintenance tasks.

Worked with the dev team in migrating app for auto scalable AWS. Automated app deployment using AWS code pipeline, code deploy, and code commit.Hardened the Infrastructure, OS and App layer security with Deep Security management.Automated monitoring and response implementation with lambda and other automation functions

Cost is in control now and able to project cost correctly.The performance improvements Regulatory Compliance achieved like PCI, DSS and others.Lower costs on infrastructure and management.Clean AWS infrastructure with manageable IaC in cloud formation.

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