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Automation in CloudOps, DevOps and SecOps

ShunyEka’s 24/7 AWS Cloud Managed Services allows you to focus on your business. Our highly qualified team of SysOps & DevOps Engineers take care of high availability, scalability and security for your Infrastructure and Applications.


AI & Machine Learning

We help business gain deep insights into their data by leveraging the power of AI and Machine Learning. By utilizing powerful AWS, Amazon and Azure Cloud Frameworks, we help businesses integrate AI and ML-based functions seamlessly into everyday organizational tasks. Some of the core areas of functional evolution we delve into include pattern and anomaly detection, natural language processing, prediction and forecasting, among others.

Application Modernization

The cloud environment is a whole new world of opportunities that also demands a form of evolution from businesses, specifically in the form of application modernization. It is time to bid farewell to the bulky application development process of old and embrace serverless development, the new cloud-native realm of application architecture and design. We at ShunyEka can enable businesses to create scalable, event-driven and agile serverless applications that are built for the cloud.

DevXOps Services

Application security is one of the core functions that we integrate, specifically with a focus on secure code assessment, software composition analysis, and application integration security. Moreover, we also empower businesses to take control of container security as a part of their development cycle, including container runtime security, container risk mitigation, Kubernetes security and admission and control. ShunkyEka empowers businesses to embrace the new paradigm of NoOps with our unique brand of ZeroTech capabilities, which enables businesses to utilize API-driven event-based security automation that allows for intuitive mitigation of risks as a part of the natural development cycle.

Data Engineering and Analytics

One of our core service areas involves empowering businesses to take control of their data rather than losing their essence in the digital ocean of the information age. Our in-house data engineers have helped numerous businesses in streamlining their data pipelines and democratizing data-based decision systems. We can help you accelerate data analysis automation and help you engineer data workflows that are designed to reap the most benefits from the information that your organization generates.

Custom IOT Solutions

We at ShunyEka have dedicated ourselves to enabling businesses to integrate some of the greatest wonders of the digital age, IOT being a core one of these. Our engineers are equipped with the tools and experience needed for custom IOT systems integration, and IOT platforms personalized for organizational supply chains. We can assure you that your IOT on-boarding experience will be as smooth as a breeze, with customized IOT dashboards, firmware, software and hardware integrations that are designed to serve the special needs and demands of your business.

Cloud Security

Security is not merely a necessity to ensure smooth operations and development cycles but also a force for evolution of internal roles and resource management capabilities of your business. The cloud native environment is extremely conducive for business process evolution, innovation capability expansion, and downtime improvement opportunities. However, with great power comes great responsibility. The cloud ecosystem, with its borderless, highly dynamic and “exposed” landscape, is also a breeding ground for new and unforeseen security threats, especially for those organizations that are unprepared for this paradigm. ShunyEka’s experienced DevSecOps professionals, provide your business with all the right tools, resources, knowledge and methodologies to ensure eagle-eyed visibility and omnipresent control over your digital kingdom.

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